This course introduces basic concepts of project-based instruction for young learners.

Course Overview

In this course, you will:

Class Notes

Class notes will be added on a weekly basis for review.


Grading & Assessment Criteria

You will be required to read and answer homework questions as well as complete several homework assignments this semester. Be sure to follow directions carefully, ask for help when you don’t understand, and turn each assignment in on time (in class or via email). Late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Unit Plan & Presentation Guidelines

Pick a unit from Let's Go Student Book 1 or Let's Go Student Book 2. But not Unit 5: Happy Birthday from Book 1. Make a month long unit plan for the chapter that integrates storybooks, the Let's Go Student Book and project learning. Here is the Template you can use for the project. Here is a sample based on the Happy Birthday day.

Lesson Plan & Micro Teaching

To be added later



Tentative Semester Schedule



In class activities/Assignments

Week 1


Introduction of students, lecturer and course ~ Life Map Lesson Plan

Week 2

Reading #1 pages 13-38. Read and answer the questions


Week 3

Reading #2 pages 41-65. Read and answer the questions,

Week 4

Reading #3 pages 69-90. Look through the projects and devise a unit plan based on Let's Go Student Book 1 Unit 5: Happy Birthday

Week 5

Reading #4 pages 93-119. Look through the sample activities in the "Block of Flats" unit. Pick one activity and evaluate it: 1 Is the activity effective for learning? 2. Is the activity appropriate for target learners in terms of cognitive aspects, language aspects and content familiarity? 3. Does the activity sustain learner interest and motivation? 4. What do the learners achieve from this activity?

Week 6

Answer these questions for the reading "Can we do 'Poker face' again, Miss?"

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11


Week 12

Week 13


Week 14

Week 15


Week 16