The purpose of this course is for educators to become more aware of the empirical and theoretical aspects of language acquisition and learning in young learners. We will begin by looking at first language acquisition which we will then compare to second language acquisition in children. After examining the empirical evidence and theoretical explanation of language acquisition and learning the course will focus on the implications for teachers.

Course Overview

We will approach to under the theory through practice. I will teach sample activities and lessons to you as if you were young learners and then we will discuss what I did, how I did it and why I did it. Rather then lecturing on the theories, I will attempt to demonstrate them and then have us as a class refelct upon those practices.

Class Notes

Class notes will be added on a weekly basis for review.


Grading Criteria

30% Attendance and Participation
20% Homework
25% Activity Route Map and Rational Project 1
25% Activity Route Map and Rational Project 2



Attendance is mandatory: Participants who arrive to class 10 minutes or more after class begins will be considered late. Participants who are late 3 times will receive 1 absence. Any participant who misses 1/4 of all class meetings will receive an F. Mastery of the ideas and concepts of this course requires engagement and discussion. If you are not in class, you miss that opportunity to exchange ideas. Moreover, participation is also essential. Just coming to class is not enough. I expect all participants to be active in class discussion and lectures as well as to complete all oral and written assignments.

Homework on Readings
It is essential to be prepared for each class by completing the required readings. This will provide you with the background knowledge on the topic and allow you to participate actively in the class discussion. In order to ensure that you have read the required readings for class, you will be expected to do a short homework assignment for the reading. This homework assignment involves answering the guiding reading questions (see below). These homework assignments are to be submitted at the beginning of class. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Activity Route Map & Rationale Project 1 & 2
Each participant create an appropriate learning activity for their target learner. In the first Activity Route Map and Rationale project, participants will design and describe an activity for listening or speaking. In the second project, participants will design and describe an activity for reading or writing


Additional Resources

To be added later.

Tentative Semester Schedule

This is a tentative schedule because I will adjust the course of study based on your needs. We may spend more time on some aspects an less time on others based on your individual stregnths and weaknesses.

Time Topic
Week 1 Course Introduction
Week 2 Sample Lesson: Life Map & Processing
Week 3 Key Terms and Concepts
Week 4 Sample Lesson: Listening & Processing
Week 5 Sample Lesson: Speaking & Processing
Week 6 Introduce Activity Route Map & Rationale Project #1
Week 7 Conferencing on Route Maps
Week 8 Grellet: Reading on Reading
Week 9 Reading, Writing & Young Learners
Week 10 Theories & Issues
Week 11 Sample Lesson: Reading & Processing
Week 12 Sample Lesson: Writing & Processing
Week 13 Introduce Activity Route Map & Rationale Project #1
Week 14 Flex Week // Review
Week 15 Conferencing on Route Maps
Week 16 Class Closure (Survey)