The general goal of this course is improve teachers-in-training and teachers’ knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude towards the practice of teaching of English. We will focus on the idea of Best Practices; i.e., those practices which help students to learn most effectively and efficiently. Participants will use reflective practice and the Experiential Learning Cycle to develop the skills to improve their own practice.

The course will have several modes of delivery: Lecture and discussions of readings to develop the knowledge and awareness of aspects of teaching English, workshops to further sharpen your awareness and to help you develop the skills that you need, micro-teaching to allow you to apply and practice the knowledge and skills you are developing and reflection and processing of sample lessons and micro-teaching to help you affirm your beliefs and strengthen your attitude to the use and implementation of Best Practices.
We will be using a course packet available at 참글. A digital copy is available as well. Lecture note will be posted to the left. Other resources will be made available in the section called "Errata."


  • 30% Attendance (10%) and active participation in class activities and projects (20%)
    20% Homework on readings
    50% Micro-teaching & reflections on those experiences
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    Attendance is mandatory. Participants who arrive to class 10 minutes or more after the start of class will be considered late. Participants who are late 3 times will receive 1 absence. Any participant who misses ¼ or more of all class meetings WILL receive an F in the course. More important than attendance is participation. I expect participants to be active in class discussions and to complete all oral and written assignments BY THE DUE DATE. If assignments are handed in late without prior permission from the instructor, 10% for each late day will be deducted from the grade. Finally, participants in this course will have several opportunities to apply the skills learned in lectures, discussions and workshops by engaging in various “in-class” activities and projects.

    Homework on Readings

  • It is essential to be prepared for each class by completing the required readings. This will provide you with the background knowledge on the topic and allow you to participate actively in the class discussion. In order to ensure that you have read the required readings for class, you will be expected to do a short homework assignment for the reading. This homework assignment involves answering the guiding reading questions (see below). These homework assignments are to be submitted at the beginning of class. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  • Micro-Teaching & Reflective Essays

    Each participant will get a chance to put what he or she is learning into practice by teaching several sample lessons. The reason for doing this is so that we can reflect upon our experience. To improve our knowledge, awareness, skills, and attitude towards Best Practices in the classroom, we need to develop our ability to identify within our own practices what helps or hinders our students. Reflecting on our experience will enable us to develop these skills. To assess you ability to reflect upon your experience, you will write one reflective essays for each micro-teaching. In these essays you will be asked to identity two significant moments within your micro-teaching lesson. You will then describe that 3-5 minute moment, you will analyze that moment in terms of what help or hindered Ss learning, you will make generalization about teaching and learning and connect those generalization to theories of teaching and learning you have studied, finally you will make an action plan which will describe how you will alter you future practice as a teacher based on what you have learned from this experience.  (Sample is provided below). 

    Students will have two to four opportunities to do micro-teaching (depending on the number of students in the class). Ideally each participant will have the opportunity to teach one speaking lesson, one listening lesson, one reading lesson, and redo one skill that was problematic. If we are assigned the room in the multi-media building, all micro-teachings will be digitally recorded. One copy will be for you and another copy will be for me. I will use videos for feedback and discussion.


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