This class will emerge as I get to know you and your language level better. This website will be used to provide you with "in-time" materials.

Course Overview

The general purpose of this course is for teachers-in-training to improve their English language fluency. Based on ranking of topics that you provided me I will create a syllabus based on your interests and needs. Most of the in class activities will focus on communicative situations and confidence building.

Class Notes

Class notes will be added on a weekly basis for review.


Grading Criteria

30% attendance and participation
10% Life Map Presentation
30% Mid-term performance evaluation
30% Final performance evaluation



Attendance is mandatory: Participants who arrive to class 10 minutes or more after class begins will be considered late. Participants who are late 3 times will receive 1 absence. Any participant who misses 1/4 of all class meetings will receive an F. Mastery of the ideas and concepts of this course requires engagement and discussion. If you are not in class, you miss that opportunity to exchange ideas. Moreover, participation is also essential. Just coming to class is not enough. I expect all participants to be active in class discussion and lectures as well as to complete all oral and written assignments.

Life Map Presentation
This presentation will be something you develop out of the Life Map Icebreaking activity that we will do on the first day of class.

Mid-term Performance Evaluation

This performance evaluation will assess the language and situations that we have covered in the first half of class

Final Performance Evaluation
This performance evaluation will assess the language and situations that we have covered in the whole class.


Additional Resources

To be added later.

Tentative Semester Schedule



In class activities/Assignments

Week 1


Introduction of students, lecturer and course

Week 2

Life Map Presentations

Week 3

Do We Understand Each Other?

Week 4

Love at First Sight

Week 5


Biology of Love

Week 6


Beauty: Looks Don't Matter?

Week 7


Strictest Parents

Week 8


Review for Mid-term

Week 9

Mid-term Performance Assessment

Week 10

Popular Cultural: Pop Song "Torn"

Week 11

Issues in Popular Cultural: Suicide

Week 12


Issues in Popular Cultural: Happiness

Week 13


Issues in Popular Cultural: Adolescents and Responsibility

Week 14



Week 15


Final Performance Assessment: Interviews Day 1

Week 16


Final Performance Assessment: Interviews Day 2